Could standing up be the key?

It’s no secret that exercise helps keep off weight and lengthens your life, but researchers at SICH (The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy) say that this doesn’t necessarily mean breaking a sweat. Simply standing up and walking about more, rather than spending long hours sitting down to read or watch TV, can have a profound effect on overall wellness.

Doing nothing may feel good, but sitting or laying for hours at a time – besides sleeping of course – cuts down life expectancy and won’t help against the battle of the bulge. But even if you can’t imagine being heavily into fitness, the report shows that weight loss can still be attainable.

It highlights several people involved in a study who move around a bit more, for no particular reason. In other words, they were not moving for their health, but getting up an extra few times each day seems to have kept them from gaining weight even after eating too much. Paul Howard, SICH Director, said: “It’s not that these people in the study were fitness fanatics, it would appear that all they did differently was simply walk more, get up from the settee to run everyday chores or find other reasons to get on their feet. The people that did this burnt a lot more calories and were healthier. It seemed to me to be the easiest way to lose weight or at least keep it off.”

This correlates with another study from the American Cancer Society, conducted in 2010, which compared life expectancy between people who sat down for 6 hours a day, versus others who sat for just 3 hours or less. The results showed that shockingly, increased time sitting lead to a 37% increase in mortality rate for women, while men’s mortality rate increased by 17%, even after taking into account factors like diet and pre-existing conditions.

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