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Power of positive thinking

We hear it every day don’t we?  You ask a client to do an exercise, you demo it beautifully and then ’I can’t do it’ they tell you – they tell you that before they have picked the weight up off the floor – before their feet have touched the treadmill – and do you […]

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The effects of poor hydration – Conrad Rafique

Recently I ran the Chester 1/2 Marathon and with the warm conditions there were several runners suffering from dehydration.  Many of them were in club colours and I would have expected them to know how to hydrate better. I saw one runner stopping with cramp after only a few miles, another one at about 4 […]

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Extend your fitness repertoire with the latest dance-fitness craze

Just Jhoom! which means Just Dance! brings together aerobics, mindful movement and Bollywood dancing (drawing on a range of dance styles from Indian classical dance to Bhangra) to create a unique dance experience – nourishing both body and mind. Just Jhoom! is the brainchild of classically-trained Indian dancer, Shalini Bhalla who has collaborated with dance, […]

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