How a good story can increase your sales

What does an emotional story have to do with the rational word of business? Answer: behaviour. To sell our products and services we need to impact behaviour, right? But most of our so-called rational decisions (behaviour) are actually driven by our emotions.  By telling a story we communicate with our customers in a way that […]

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Win a Level 1 Kick Fitness Accreditation!

Kick Fitness courses open the door to one of the fastest growing trends in the fitness industry, adding not only a new way of training for you and your clients but leading the way to short and long term financial gains. A Kick Fitness accreditation can really add an additional string to the bow of […]

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salad on a fork_sml

5 a day on a budget

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of affordable ways to get your 5 A DAY. Here’s how to eat more fruit and vegetables while still saving money. Buy fruit and vegetables loose rather than pre-packaged. Loose fruit and veg can be as little as half the price. […]

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