How to Become a Personal Trainer

  In this post we explore the current landscape of the personal training industry along with the processes involved to become a fully qualified personal trainer.   Where is the Industry Headed? The UK personal training market has shown consistent annual growth in recent years with it now reported that 1 in 7 people in […]

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Branding for small businesses

What is ‘branding’ exactly? When you hear the word ‘branding’ do you immediately think logo? Initially it meant the same to me, but if you dig below the surface you get to realise that branding is a whole lot more than just a logo, name and tag line. Branding is creating a whole image for […]

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How a good story can increase your sales

What does an emotional story have to do with the rational word of business? Answer: behaviour. To sell our products and services we need to impact behaviour, right? But most of our so-called rational decisions (behaviour) are actually driven by our emotions.  By telling a story we communicate with our customers in a way that […]

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