Why try Fartlek Training?

Being a part of a large sports team, every preseason brings about the arduous task of getting back into top condition. This is a situation that everyone can relate to whether you are training for a race or the first match of the year. A suggestion that is always made is Fartlek training, something that […]

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Could standing up be the key?

It’s no secret that exercise helps keep off weight and lengthens your life, but researchers at SICH (The Surrey Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy) say that this doesn’t necessarily mean breaking a sweat. Simply standing up and walking about more, rather than spending long hours sitting down to read or watch TV, can have a profound […]

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The effects of poor hydration – Conrad Rafique

Recently I ran the Chester 1/2 Marathon and with the warm conditions there were several runners suffering from dehydration.  Many of them were in club colours and I would have expected them to know how to hydrate better. I saw one runner stopping with cramp after only a few miles, another one at about 4 […]

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Lunchtime Can Help Increase Fitness Levels For Time-Poor Workers

When a barrage of statistics prove we are becoming fatter, more stressed, and less productive, it’s essential that we build more time into our already packed schedules for exercise, which is more easily said than done. The pressure of work to be more productive in less time, is an ever increasing problem for many people, but […]

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